Aware Migrants project

Aware Migrants integrated campaign, online and offline media.

Aware Migrants is a informative campaign aimed to migrants (and prospect migrants) in their countries in Africa. The project is wanted and financed by the Italian Ministry of Interiors, and coordinated by IOM – International Organization for Migrations.


The campaign is an integrated project combining online and offline communications tools: a multilingual website with news and infos about migration and videos of real testimonials, shot by the director Alessandro Soetje; continuously updated profiles on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram; a set of TV and radio spots; billboard and print ads; a song and a video expressly created by the malian singer Rokia Traorè; a short film shot in Nigeria, produced by Gianluca Arcopinto and directed by the italian director Daniele Gaglianone and the nigerian director Alfie Nze.

Horace has been and still is responsible for all the creativity, the production of all the audiovisual materials, the technical and content management of the website, and the community management on the social networks.